Fish Mounts

With over 20 years of experience and having mounted over 1,000 fish, Travis Taxidermy is confident that we will create a stunningly real fish replica based off of a photograph that you provide. Our skilled craftsmen’s ability to meticulously hand paint fish scales and eye detail through the use of accurate, anatomical color palettes and body forms create the finest, most realistic and high-quality fiberglass fish mounts. Our professional fish replicas are the perfect alternative if you prefer the catch and release method, or perhaps you couldn’t or didn’t wish to preserve the fish skin. Give us a call today to discuss your fish mounting needs.

With the experience of over 1,000 fish mounts under our belt, we hope that you’ll turn to Travis Taxidermy the next time you need a delicate fish skin mounted. To aid us in creating the best fish skin mount possible, it’s important for the fish to keep the fish wet after catching it and during transport to our shop. This allows the natural mucous of the brittle fish skin to help preserve and protect the skin from damage, discoloration, and breakage of the fins. Once the fish is in our hands, we will use our professional anatomical knowledge to create a luxury mount of your trophy fish to proudly display for many years to come.

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